Revised DR-6 RI Financial Form for filing in Rhode Island Divorce Cases

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If you don't already know, the DR-6 Statement of Assets and LIabilities has been updated.  If you've picked up a Rhode Island Divorce Packet or other documents for filing Motions such as Modification of Child Support in the past three weeks, make sure that you have the CORRECT forms of you may find yourself frustrated when you get to the family court for filing.

The DR-6 Financial Statement of Assets that has been used by the Rhode Island Family Court that has been used for years has undergone a MAJOR OVERHAUL including the requirement that it be on a green colored paper.

The one that you is online at the Rhode Island Family Court Forms page as of yesterday appears to be the updated form for the Statement of Assets except that it is a clear form but needs to be printed on Green paper.  Presumably this Rhode Island form will still be available when requesting a standard Rhode Island Divorce Packet from any of the Rhode Island Family Court Clerk's Offices in any of the county family courts since it might be prohibitive not to provide the form on green paper for people who need or choose to represent themselves since it may be difficult to buy green paper in packages of 9 pages each.

However, this is a substantially important document which must be submitted in many Rhode Island Family Court Cases and it is required so don't take this form lightly.

See my posting on RI Chief Judge Bedrosian's new Family Court Administrative Order addressing the form in my posting on the Administrative Order located at  

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